Economic Impact

8,000 events and counting

In our 27 years, the VCC has hosted over 8,000 events generating more than $1.2 billion in estimated economic impact for Victoria.

Our conference centre is a key economic driver for our community. Our clients and their delegates come from all over the world. We attract business travelers and see them return as tourists, residents and investors.

Our conference centre business provides a real boon to the hospitality industry, suppliers and the workers they employ.

The bulk of our conferences are predominantly association based and are booked years in advance, thus are less susceptible to short-term economic fluctuations.

Conference delegates tend to spend, on average, (including the production costs of an event)  $450 per day.

In 2007 the City of Victoria recognized the opportunity for expanding the VCC and acquired the Crystal Garden — a $10 million investment to bring increased conference business to the City.